Leavenworth, Kansas Tree and Shrub Health

We help your trees and shrubs thrive and survive!

Our services include:

  • General fertilization
  • Correction of nutrient deficiencies
  • Treatment for diseases and damaging insects-including the EAB(emerald ash borer).
  • Shrub insect and disease applications

Direct injection treatment

We offer both tree/shrub spraying and direct injection treatments for a variety of plant health issues. Curative and/or preventative applications are made depending on the pest, condition or species of the tree.We can develop a treatment program to keep your valued trees and shrubs in optimum health.

We also offer both preventative and curative shrub treatment programs to keep your shrubs healthy and beautiful.

Direct injections (when possible) help limit any impact to your family, the applicator, and the environment around you. The pesticide or fertilizer is contained inside the tree where it is needed most.  Trunk injection systems and formulations are also proven to be the most effective and fastest acting treatment method. Many tree health problems can be addressed using this method, but not all.

Contact us for a free diagnosis and a solution to keep your trees and shrubs living long and strong.

Gallery of  Plant-Insect and Disease Examples

Oak tree with iron chlorosis before

Oak tree with chlorosis 2 months after iron injection

Oak tree 4 months after iron treatment

Insect damage on burning bush

Tree damaging insect

Injection sites on tree being prepped for treatment(notice how small they are!)