Chemical Lawn Applications in Leavenworth/Lansing


Kansas state law requires anyone applying pesticides or herbicides pass an exam to be certified. All of our applicators are fully certified. We guarantee the quality and results of our lawn applications, although weather and mowing practices are also factors in the end result.



This nutrient program gives the right amount of growth stimulus (fertilizer ratio) to the plants for each different season of the year. Our goal is to promote healthy roots so we can get the best possible density and color for your specific turfgrass variety. Grub control is also applied to prevent damage caused by one of the most common turf pests, white grubs.


We use the best weed control products available so we can custom tailor our treatment for fast, effective weed control in every season. Certain weeds grow at different times of the year, thus not all weed control products are equal in controlling these weeds. Using the right tools for the job is how we get great results! 



We also have a nutrient program for these warm-season grasses. This program gives the lawn the fertilizer it needs; at the right times of growth, for optimum density and color.  These grasses have different needs than fescue or bluegrass.  Also included in this program is the weed control selection best suited to the needs of your lawn and season. Grub control is also applied to prevent damage caused by one of the most common turf pests, white grubs.


We offer preventative and curative applications for the control of lawn-damaging insects and diseases. We also offer flea and tick applications to help keep your family and pets healthier and happier. 

Proper diagnosis is required to treat current damage in a lawn and prevent it in the future. Give us a call if you have concerns about your lawn. We can help set a course of action for a fast recovery. The sooner you call, the better the results will be! These problems often can spread quickly.

Preventative measures are sometimes needed in areas of consistently high disease and insect presence. Once the cause has been identified, we can develop a program to fight back and keep your lawn looking its best. No one wants big brown patches in their yard!

Gallery of insect and disease damages to the turf

Insect damage

Insect damages.

Patch disease

Disease up close in the beginning stages





We treat the lawn on the right! Example of effective weed control.

Disease up close

Damaging insect

Disease example

Extreme insect damages

Damaging insect

insect destruction

Turf pest and heavy feeder!

turf damaging insect


turf disease

insect and animal damages