Residential and Commercial Lawn Mowing (Leavenworth/Lansing area)

Professional lawn mowing service is where our business began, and lawn mowing is the backbone of our success and longevity over the past 40+ years. We provide both residential and commercial lawn mowing.

Providing quality lawn mowing is simple, but not easy. Attention to detail, regularly sharpened blades, operating machines carefully to avoid lawn damage, blowing off sidewalks and driveways – these are some of the necessary ingredients. Every visit to your lawn will result in a neat appearance because we don’t skip the details.

Every mowing includes trimming around all trees, landscape beds, fences, walks and drives. After cutting and trimming, we further detail your property by blowing all the walks, drives, hardscapes and patios free of lawn debris.

  • All Grass Evenly Cut
  • Trimming Around Edges (all trees, landscape beds, fences, walks, and drives)
  • Blowing to Remove Lawn Debris (all walks, drives, hardscapes and patios)
  • Uniformed and Professional Crew
  • Licensed and Insured