Leavenworth Landscape Design, Renovation and Tree Planting

Landscape Renewal – We can transform your overgrown or outdated landscape into something new and exciting.  We specialize in incorporating new, fresh and sustainable ideas into existing desirable plantings.

Landscape Installation and Design  We always begin by listening to your needs and opinions.  We combine that information with our extensive plant knowledge to provide you with a functional and unique landscape.  We emphasize the correct use and placement of plants for
both health and performance.

Landscape Edging  Landscapes and lawns need a clear defined separation not only for visual appeal, but for ease of maintenance.

We provide many ways to achieve the custom look you want for your property.

  • Create and maintain natural bed edges
  • Installation of steel or plastic bed edging
  • Placement of natural or fabricated rock borders.

Mulching/Rock  We provide installation and removal of wood mulch and river rock to give your landscape and gardens the appearance you wish to achieve.

Perennial Gardens  A bright and colorful way to enjoy nature in your landscape!  Perennial gardens can be great for fresh cut flowers and herbs, or attracting bees, birds and butterflies.  This can be very important for nature and humans that comes with a beautiful reward!

Tree Planting  We plant a wide variety of species and types of trees to suit your needs.  We strive to use trees grown in native soils.  This helps reduce transplant shock vs. planting container grown trees in potting soil.

Encouraging some insects, such as butterflies and bees, is very important for many reasons in our environment.

Having extensive knowledge of these plants helps us create unique and specialized combinations of fragrances, colors and textural appeal for your enjoyment for years to come.

Buddy Rodgers

Gallery of Tree Planting and Landscape Renewals

Some of our projects here in the Leavenworth and Lansing Kansas, areas.

Shade garden

No longer a maintenance issue since grass would not grow here, rock it!

Bee and Butterfly Heaven…..

New plantings

Updated and revuvinated!

New spring install

Flowering Pear selection, watering after planting.

Updated plantings 2

Updated landscape plantings

Early Spring planting, Oak and Columnar maples.

Perennial bed 1 before

Perennial bed 1 after

Clean and neat, a future with color and privacy!

Pin Oak in Late spring, planted before bud break in early Spring

Splashes of color!

Norway Maple late fall planting.

New berm with plantings.

Landscape renewal pt 1

Landscape renewal pt2